Fall happenings

The Knox family has been in huge transition since August. We have now sent not one, but two little ones off to public school. We are doing our best to enjoy and survive Kindergarten and first grade homework. Steve started a new job and for the last month and a half has been studying all day…ALL DAY…to learn his new airplane. He will be taking the next few weeks to get tested on it before he hits the friendly skies. We’ve had water damage that took us about 2 months to fix and now are enjoying new beautiful floors. We’ve had a leaky roof and some uncooperative cars. BUT I am seeing God in the midst of it all. I am wanting to! I saw this verse last night on someone’s blog and I am treasuring it today.
“They will have no fear of bad news; their hearts are steadfast, trusting in the Lord.” Psalm 112:7
Steadfast hearts trusting in the LORD.
Oh, and biggest news of all, I’ve been battling nausea for the last 2 months as we are expecting another little Knox baby in April! We are thankful and excited as we prepare to have another family member join us! It is amazing that someone the size of a peanut can have this momma down and out for so long. Hoping to move into a stronger season soon.
We’ve been apple picking and pumpkin shopping as well as rooting for the MS Football teams this season.
We’ve celebrated a 3 year old birthday and a 7 year old birthday and picked out our trick or treat outfits for the end of the month. Lots to say thanks for.

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celebrating summer



A family beach trip. There is really nothing like it. The sand. The memories. The ice cream. The sand. The ice cream. I’m so thankful. When can we go back??!

End of year blues

Being on the parenting side of things, the month of May seems so sad to me! It was always so exciting as a student looking forward to  summer. Seeing my kids complete another year of school and ready to move on to the next one brings so many emotions. I’ve grown attached to their teacher, their routine, their friends they eat lunch with…and now it means they are getting older and I am getting older! So we are celebrating in our house the graduation of preschool and end of Kindergarten year, but this momma is sad at how fast it goes! Summer…here we come.DSCN5381DSCN5417DSCN4976

disney dreamin’

about this time last year i was reading blogs, booking dining reservations, downloading apps of the park all in getting ready for our first family trip to disney world! i miss it already and wish we were going again this year! it was so fun and such a wonderful family memory. hoping to get another trip on the calendar again. here are a few pictures to jog the old memory. the truth is that looking at these memories doesn’t make me miss disney world, but these little faces a year ago and how fast they grow. looking at these sweet faces in awe of cinderella, mickey, a magic castle, fireworks, and all things disney. but i think that we’ll still be awed just as much next time we go!Image


Spring cleaning

I was actually browsing all the blogs I like reading once the kids go to bed and noticed one of the ones I check in on from time to time had been deleted. (Is that even possible??) So, I thought I should delete mine since my last post was over a year or more ago.  But then I started having fun looking at the new colors and designs. So, we’re still here. A little blog spring cleaning. Here are a few pics of what’s going on at the Knox house these days. Image

a little reading center happening here


LOTS and LOTS of winter in 2014!


so lots of lots of art took place!


and a few date nights every now and then