An unexpected Summer of recovery

That’s exactly how I would describe our Summer up to this point. Don’t get me wrong…I have loved having all my babies home with me daily and our new little one that we added to the crew (who is now 3 months old as I write this post). The days of summer are so slow and the weeks are so fast. There has been lots of bickering and noise between the siblings. But also lots of smiles in the evening while running around the backyard trying to soak their daddy with the water hose. I love standing at the kitchen window and looking out when they are running with red sweaty faces laughing and squealing. There are also moments at the window when I have to knock on the window and scream, “Don’t do that!”, “No!”, “Stop being mean!” So, you know…that’s how it goes.

So, I knew I would need to recover from having Jade during the summer. Because of this, we didn’t have anything on our calendars. No trips to Mississippi. No family vacations. Our family time would be enjoyed here this year. And we have truly enjoyed it.

London had to have unexpected surgery to get her tonsils out, and then two weeks later, another unexpected emergency surgery because of complications of her first surgery. Whew! An unexpected afternoon and evening in the emergency room with my four babies. Not really on the summer agenda.

We’ve had a busted out back car windshield. Not really in the summer budget. As well as a dead fridge and freezer. Insert sad face here.

All these things…unexpected.

But in this season, this Summer, we have seen God’s hand of provision, protection, love, and grace like never before. His protection the day we had to go to the ER. His provision the day we lost our fridge. His hand on my sister as she was in a car accident. His love and grace in the moments when we were so overwhelmed with things that we would have drowned if not for GOD. His hope. His plans for us! So, I’ve told the kids…”We have had such an unexpected Summer!” and we have! But it has allowed for God to show up in unexpected ways to remind us He is with us. Nothing escapes his notice.

 “Ah, Sovereign Lord, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you. Jeremiah 32:17

And this reminder from my 7 year old…


and a little peek at our newest 3 month old!



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